The Real Estate diagnostic is similar to the technical inspection of a car, except it is about your property and it will have to be carried out, before it can be sold or rented.

What is it for ? Who needs to deal with it ? Let us explain !

In order to be sold or rented, your property will have to undergo several diagnostics. They will all be made by a certified professional.

Once completed, the diagnoses will be grouped in a single file called ‘DDT’.

Here are the 9 different points developped in the DDT :

  • ‘DPE’ : Energy performance diagnosis
  • ‘CREP’ : lead diagnosis
  • ‘Diagnostic amiante’ : asbestos diagnosis
  • Inspection of the electrical installation
  • Inspection of the gaz installation
  • Termites inspection
  • Property footage : ‘Loi Carrez’ for the sale of an appartment

      ‘Loi Boutin’ for the rental of an appartment

  • ‘ERNT’ : natural and technical risks inspection
  • And lately, depending of the location, noise pollution diagnosis

All these documents must be submitted before the sale or rental signing.

However, if you intend to sell your property, the ‘DPE’ must be completed before putting the house on the market. You will not be allowed to advertise the sale without it.

What is the purpose of these diagnostics ?

They are the equivalent of a picture of your property, taken at a given time. They also measure it’s energy consumption, but above all they represent a security.

Their main objective is to protect both buyers and sellers from litigation.

That is the main reason why they can only be issued by a certified diagnostician.

For a property rental, it will also give the furture tenant an estimation of the energy consumption of the house.

At whose expense ?

  • For rentals : the landlord has to take charge of it
  • For sales : it is usually the owner, the seller, who deals with it.

It is also important to bear in mind that all these diagnoses do not have the same validity duration : some will have to be renewed quicker than others, it twill also vary depending on whether you intend to sell or to rent.

How much does it cost ?

The cost will depend on when the house was built and on its size.

Outbuildings such as garages, barns… will also have to figure in the reports and will therefore increase the cost of the procedure.

For example : the compulsory diagnostics will not be the same for a house built in 1930 or a house built in 2012. Eventhough the two properties might be of equal size, the diagnostics will defer and therefore will the final cost.

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