A Report of risk exposure to lead (or Lead-safe Certificate : CREP in french) is a diagnostic procedure done in order to identify any risk of lead exposure. It detects if there is any lead in your accomodation or communal parts of a building. Is proceeding to it an obligation ? Thankfully CE2i can guide you !

Who is concerned ?

You should know that not all property owners are requested to provide this certificate. It is only a necessity if :

  • Your property was built before 1st January 1949
  • Your property is part of a residential condominium built before 1st January 1949. In which case, a lead-safe certificate is required for the communal parts of the condominium.

The lead report is done in order to analyse whether or not there could be some lead in for example the paint or rendering of your property.

As with the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis), only a certified expert can proceed to these diagnostics. It will be assessed with an X-ray fluorecence device that will detect the presence of lead.

When lead has been detected in some coating, the expert will then classify the different elements from 1 to 3.

To be classified 3 means that the coating is deteriorated, as a consequence, the property owner has the obligation to fully renew the coating in order to be allowed to sell or rent.

Period of validity :

If no lead was detected, the certificate is valid for life.

If some lead was detected and you intend to sell, the certificate will only be valid for one year.

Eventually, if you intend to rent your property, the certificate will be valid for 6 years.


NB : This report was set up in France in order to protect occupants from an illness called ‘saturnisme’ or lead poisoning. Once used in paints and renderings, dust and lead flakes are harmful to human health, in particular for pregnant women and for children. That is the reason why, for both your tenant’s health and for yours, establishing a Report of risk exposure to lead is a MUST !

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