Sandie Letellier has rejoined Olivier Bouilhac in last june, you have probably heard her on the phone, at 45 years old, this resident of Saint-Quentin-de-Caplong, is now female voice of CE2I.

Motivated by a desire to change career paths, Sandie assists now Olivier Bouilhac : telephone reception, estimate, a foot in real estate, in trade and without forgetting customers and agent relationships.

« My typical day articulates around Olivier’s accompaniment in his diagnostics, to manage incoming calls, to reassure my interlocutors by provinding them with first informations, records management…A little more, i speak english, many of our clients are english speaking, i trust them it’s very comfortable for them.

I’m pretty organized, so with schedule management, i find myself in my element, but i’m also in contact with our customers and even if it’s only on the phone, it’s something i need. Now my job suits me ».

Sandie Letellier CE2I expert diagnostic immobilier